Introductions are Always so Awkward

Where to begin…

I have never been the best at introductions. I have always found myself wondering: how do you know what someone wants to know about you , if anything at all? … I’m generally much more of a * let me seduce you with my awkwardness * type of girl .

But, this blog is intended to be a practice in putting myself out there. So, here goes nothing .

Hi, I’m Madeline *waves*

I wanted to create a platform where I could develop my voice, and hopefully spark some consistency with my personal writing ventures. I’m not entirely sure where this path will lead, but am excited about what is waiting to be discovered along the way .

A little bit about me

I’m an aspiring author . I have a few children’s books eager to jump that last hoarding hurdle before publication. As well as a couple initial drafts in the works geared towards older audiences.

I’m a mixed media artist.

I’m an occasional pin up. I can be found in a handful of publications, and on stage from time to time when the mood strikes .

I’m a rooted gypsy.

The majority of my life has been spent traveling the world between stages as a competitive performer and professional clown .

Now I am learning to embrace the stillness of roots under my feet, while seizing adventure whenever it strikes.

I’m an eternal lover of fantastical things and forgotten places.

I’m a late blooming nerd

I’m kinda heathen, kinda witchy , occasion and mood depending .

This blog is more or less a glimpse inside my brain. Whether you’re here for a couple steps or the whole journey , I’d love your input as the path unfolds.

Any who,

May we meet again