Muninn sat perched atop a tree somewhere just below Midgard. The wind sang with the echo of his howls …and never far behind, the rattle of yet remaining chains . A sound that never ceased to rip trenches through her heart.

Her wings were tired .

She should wait forever. That was without question. Though concern for the lasting dimness of her glow as she desperately kept hold of her own light was spreading…

And yet, she would travel the realms infinitely until their paths no longer ran parallel.

Others didn’t have to understand…It was no one’s story to unfold, but their own

Persephone sat on the edge of limbo. She had grown accustomed to the heavy pull on her chest as her heart yet resided somewhere in the oblivion of the underworld.

Their time was growing closer… she could feel it in the earth as it tingled with electricity in her eager hands with things soon to come …in the air, ripe on her famished lips …sweet and crisp…

And so she busied herself with the art of patience. But, oh how she longed for home …to be forever intertwined so that she could at last bloom in full…

And so, she waited

* Bitten*


With excitement


The sensation


Along my spine

Spreading white hot

Beneath my skin

Your scent…

My focus

Becoming one tracked

Hunger driven

Your taste …

I need it

All consuming

I’m so hungry

Your touch …


Limbs becoming intertwined



In purpose

Raw and Primal

From lips

Feather soft

To jaws unyielding

Gentle caresses


Power filled grasps

Riding euphoric

On pain turned pleasure

Losing myself

In your hidden forests


And deeper still


Desperately searching …

Your moon

My moon

Our moon

Howling for it

Basking …

Aglow from within



The echo of us

Your mark

Upon my skin

I had been bitten …

Made wild


Forever changed

Forever claimed

Forever yearning

For yours

For mine

For our moon